All Merchandise Rewards
    My Matariki Colouring & Activity Book  From TR$17.99
    The Gruffalo 25th Anniversary Edition by Julia Donaldson  From TR$18.99
    Garage Project Tiny Hazy IPA Non-Alcoholic Beer  From TR$19.99
    The Stinky Wonky Donkey by Craig Smith  From TR$22.99
    Maori Made Easy Pocket Guide by Scotty Morrison  From TR$24.00
    The Grimmelings by Rachael King  From TR$24.99
    CaliWoods Stainless Steel Pegs  From TR$25.00
    Sawmill Brewing Mixed Beer Cans  From TR$26.99
    Huski Wine Tumbler  From TR$27.99
    will&able Starter Pack  From TR$29.95
    3sixT USB-C 20W Wall Charger  From TR$29.95
    Wawata by Dr Hinemoa Elder  From TR$30.00
    Aroha by Dr Hinemoa Elder  From TR$30.00
    The Barefoot Investor Classic Edition by Scott Pape  From TR$32.99
    will&able Home Essentials for 2 Pack  From TR$33.49
    ecostore Body Beautiful Box  From TR$33.49
    Holdson Tour of New Zealand Game  From TR$34.00
    Breville Double Wall Thermal Glasses  From TR$34.95
    Waitohu Journal by Dr Hinemoa Elder  From TR$34.99
    Jenga Classic  From TR$34.99