About ASB True Rewards

Having an ASB Visa credit card with True Rewards makes a lot of sense. You'll earn True Rewards Dollars when you make purchases on your ASB credit card, and you can spend them instantly like 'real' dollars at any of our partner stores.
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How it works

Benefits at a glance

  • Spend True Rewards Dollars like real dollars, swipe your True Rewards card like you would your EFTPOS card at our partner stores, and redeem instantly.
  • Use your True Rewards Dollars to travel anywhere, anytime, on any airline through our travel partner.
  • Shop online here at our online store. There’s a great range of merchandise available.
  • Invest in your future, transfer your True Rewards Dollars to your ASB KiwiSaver Scheme account.
  • True Rewards Dollars never expire.
  • Earn bonus rewards with our True Rewards partner deals.

How True Rewards works


  • You earn True Rewards Dollars for every purchase you make with your enrolled ASB credit card; these dollars are loaded on your True Rewards card. So the more you use your enrolled credit card, for everyday shopping and big ticket items, the faster your True Rewards Dollar balance will grow.
  • Earn earn double True Rewards Dollars with our True Rewards bonus partners Mobil and Fine Wine Delivery Co.
  • 1 True Rewards Dollar = 1 New Zealand Dollar.

Spending your True Rewards Dollars

Everyday rewards

Spend your True Rewards Dollars by simply swiping your True Rewards card (like an EFTPOS card) to buy anything at our partner stores.

Travel rewards

With our travel partner House of Travel you can use your True Rewards Dollars to go anywhere in New Zealand or around the world, on any airline you choose.

Online rewards

You can shop from home right here in our online store, select from a great range of products and gift cards.

Saving your True Rewards Dollars

You can transfer True Rewards Dollars to your ASB KiwiSaver Scheme account to grow your retirement savings or contribute to your first home. You can even gift them to another persons’ ASB KiwiSaver Scheme account.

Donate to charity

Gift your True Rewards to a worthy cause. Select any of these charities you wish to donate to and enter the amount.

Managing your True Rewards

View your True Rewards balance and redeem or gift your True Rewards Dollars in FastNet Classic internet banking. On the go? Check your True Rewards balance on the ASB Mobile Banking app.

Get started today

1. Join True Rewards
Get an ASB credit card with True Rewards.
2. Earn
Start earning True Rewards Dollars on every purchase with your True Rewards enrolled credit card.
3. Spend
Spend your True Rewards Dollars like cash at any of our partner stores, or right here at our online store.

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